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Earth and woods and fresh cut grass layers sparkle with complex sensuality. With its crisp, green tops notes of Italian bergamot and Napa fig, Flourish draws you into an experience. Antique rose fills out the middle note, and mingles with a base note that combines both water and wood, both masculine and feminine — oakmoss, and spring musk, taking you on a journey that is both timeless and eternal.

An Oil base rather than an alcohol based fragrance is much closer to the body, and those around you only smell this heavenly scent when next to you rather than from across the room. It whispers rather than shouts.

FLOURISH Fragrance

Pure Parfume Oil

FLOURISH Fragrance

Eau de Toilette

FLOURISH “Picture of Health” collection

Holly Peterson Photography
“Picture of Health” Collection

Capturing her favorite ingredients on film came naturally to Holly while traveling and shopping the many farms and food markets around the world to create delicious, extraordinary culinary events.

The viewer is given a chef’s perspective of beautiful yet simple ingredients. Peterson's photographs express the chef’s belief in the importance of the visual aspect of the foods we eat. Visual impression adds to the consumer’s satisfaction, and relates directly to overall health and the prevention of disease.

The “Picture of Health” collection has served as a backdrop for cooking demonstrations and lectures on the subject of cancer fighting foods.

What makes this collection especially lovely is that profits will be donated to fund food research, specifically, cancer research.

To view the collection in person, please visit:
Calistoga Olive Oil Company
1441 Lincoln Avenue
Calistoga, CA 94515

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FLOURISH | Chef Holly Peterson | Calistoga, CA